CCTV System Maintenance

For Domestic & Commercial Properties

Having multi trained engineers in all areas and aspects of security means we can provide you with  all your CCTV Systems maintenance. We can service your Intruder Alarm System, Fire Alarm System and CCTV at the same site at the same time, reducing your overall servicing costs and providing one contact for all your security needs.

To ensure you reap the full benefits of your CCTV System, regular servicing is essential. CCTV cameras internal and external, recorders and monitors get dusty, dirty and have spiders making homes of them. All of which reduce the efficiency and life span of your CCTV System. When we carry out the annual maintenance check, we are cleaning the cameras, checking the focus and field of view and adjusting if necessary. Checking the physical condition of the cameras and housing and CCTV control equipment like monitors, VCR’s, DVR’s and Multiplexers, looking for signs of deterioration due to; rain, dust, dirt and where applicable check the satisfactory transmission of images to the remote monitoring center. This preventative maintenance cuts down time, extends the life and keeps your CCTV system working efficiently.


Just like any piece of electronic equipment, CCTV cameras stop working, recorders stop functioning and monitors fail. The important thing is to have someone on standby to help with any eventuality.

We can carry out a service inspection for systems fitted by others and agreements providing the system meets requirements. For further information please contact the office.

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The SMAS Worksafe Contractor in association with SSIP accreditation ensures that all of our staff are trained to the highest standards of health & safety you expect when we come on to your site at all times. This includes the well being of the public as well as ourselves.