Responsible For Fire Safety? Fire Safety Explained

  • 17 Apr Off

Have you ever wondered about the responsibilities you have as a property owner, especially if you are business or landlord for renting? Fire is a very important part of either of these scenarios and there are rules and laws around what you have to do.

“Fire safety advice for businesses, public buildings, and workplaces across the UK.

Your duties as the ‘responsible person’ for fire safety are explained in this quick video. Learn about your fire safety responsibilities – from fire risk assessments, third party certification, and how to make your building safe from fire.

Fire risk assessments can be difficult, but and understanding what you need to do can be confusing, but our fire safety advice for businesses and public buildings will help you gain a clearer picture.

What fire protection do I need? What do fire regulations say? What do I need to do to protect my building from fire?

Protect your business from fires by watching this short fire safety video and learning about fire safety legislation (fire safety laws) in the UK today.”

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