Access Control Systems

For Domestic & Commercial Properties

All property whether domestic or commercial can benefit from access control. The systems we install will keep your buildings, staff and assets secure.

For our domestic customers a code access is a great way to stop the sneak thief or opportunist. Code access control allows you the piece of mind that the door is always locked without the worry of do I have my key! If you are in the garden or your children are playing outside you can all enter the house as often as you please and your door always locks behind you, locked to outsiders but open to those with authorisation.

These units are not a replacement for locks they are a solution to allow piece of mind that you and your possessions are safe whether you are inside or outside the house, still allowing flexible access.

We can provide the skills and resources you need from the design through to installation if you have an existing security problem we will be happy to provide help.

Intercom System


Access control can also be provided via intercom systems. Secure buildings may have a speaker unit fitted to the outside of the building and a telephone handset fitted next to the receptionist. Upon a customer pressing the buzzer on the external speaker unit the receptionist can speak to them through the handset, then press the door release button on the handset when he or she is happy to allow the customer access to the premises.

Some handsets have the facility of video so you can also see who is at the speaker unit before allowing access, these types of units are available in black, white and a range of colours.

Why Choose Us



NSI Intruder Gold

NSI NACOSS (Intruder) Gold is an accreditation which is very difficult to achieve and we are only one of a few in the North of England with this high standard, so you know that your getting the very best quality of product and installation coupled with quality that can be received.

NSI Fire Gold


NSI Fire Gold

NSI Fire Gold is an accreditation which is very difficult to achieve, just like the NSI NACOSS (Intruder) Gold certification. This is coupled with the standards set out by BAFE and both support each other to show that standards, product and quality are met.


SP-203 – Part 1
Modular Scheme

BAFE SP203-1 Accreditted

BAFE is a national and international association of specialists in fire prevention and to be accredited by them requires us meeting a list of standards that incorporate the design, commission, installation and after care to ensure you are kept safe at all times.

smas Worksafe Contractor

SMAS Worksafe Contractor SSIP

The SMAS Worksafe Contractor in association with SSIP accreditation ensures that all of our staff are trained to the highest standards of health & safety you expect when we come on to your site at all times. This includes the well being of the public as well as ourselves.