Burglar / Intruder Alarm Systems

For Domestic & Commercial Properties

MP Alarms (Fire & Security) Ltd has been installing commercial & domestic intruder alarm systems since its formation in 1976. We design and install Intruder Alarm Systems for both large and small businesses throughout the Yorkshire region.

Burglar / Intruder Alarm Installed on Commercial Site

It is important for you to choose the right security company for your premises so that the installation and maintenance of your system is in accordance with the standards set out by NSI (National Security Inspectorate). Over the 30 plus years we have been operating we are a NSI NACOSS Gold approved company which is the highest standard achievable in the industry today.

While the systems appearance and cost is important to you so should the products ability to do its job, much of this depends upon the specific environment and how the system will be used and how it is designed and installed, this is where our expertise fits in. At the point of inquiry, we will arrange for a site survey to take place. Our surveyor will visit your premises, look at the site and discuss your needs.

In the case of higher risk applications, there may be a need for remote signalling and police response along with any requirements specified by the insurance company, every aspect will be taken into consideration.

Intruder Alarm Systems fitted by an approved installer can gain Police Response with signals sent via an independent monitoring center. Signals can be sent by various methods but most include either a telephone line or via GSM (Mobile) communications. The most appropriate system would be assessed for your requirement.

Burglar / Intruder Alarm Engineer Installation and Maintenance

Monitoring Additions

SMS Alerts

Some intruder alarm systems have the facility to send a text message to mobile telephone numbers of your choice to advise you in the case of a fault or an activation when the alarm is triggered.

Auto Dialers

Auto Dialers provide you outside help should your intruder alarm system activate while you are away from the premises. With an auto dialer the intruder alarm system will automatically dial four pre programmed numbers of your choice to alert someone of the activation.

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NSI Intruder Gold

NSI NACOSS (Intruder) Gold is an accreditation which is very difficult to achieve and we are only one of a few in the North of England with this high standard, so you know that your getting the very best quality of product and installation coupled with quality that can be received.

smas Worksafe Contractor

SMAS Worksafe Contractor SSIP

The SMAS Worksafe Contractor in association with SSIP accreditation ensures that all of our staff are trained to the highest standards of health & safety you expect when we come on to your site at all times. This includes the well being of the public as well as ourselves.